BAHRAIN: Shia - Target of Inhumane Treatment

Summary: The report contains a chapter specifically on children's rights violations.


The 52-page report, “Shia Target of Inhumane Treatment,” documents cases of human rights violations towards Shia in Bahrain.  Shia Rights Watch researchers have credibly documented many of cases of unlawful arrests, torture and abuse. The report specifies 12 different human rights violations towards Bahrain's Shia population.

This unique report contains a 15-page Children’s Right Violations chapter which documents cases of children killed, arrested, tortured, as well as listing the 76 children currently detained in Bahrain.

Finally, the report includes a chapter on “Shia Women in Bahrain,” which documents violations toward Shia women in this country. 

Further Information:

pdf: Report 2011.pdf



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