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BANGLADESH: Cabinet agrees Child Marriage Restraint Act
news-archive19 Sep 2014
Officials in Bangladesh have approved the Child Marriage Restraint Act of 2014, a law that sets a two year jail term for any person who marries a girl under the age of 18.
COLOMBIA: Hundreds of children with learning disabilities sterilized every year
news-archive17 Sep 2014
Human rights charity states that more needs to be done to protect the sexual rights of people with learning difficulties.
SYRIA: Children die after receiving 'UN-sponsored contaminated measles vaccine'
news-archive17 Sep 2014
Death toll expected to rise as parents accuse the Syrian opposition of negligence when storing the vaccines and of supplying out-of-date medications.
RUSSIA: Children with disabilities face violence and neglect
news-archive15 Sep 2014
Human Rights Watch urges authorities to end 'orphanage' system and to prioritise support for children with disabilities to live with their families or in other family settings.

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