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NEW REPORT: Unaccompanied children treated as criminals in the Commonwealth of Independent States
news-archive19 Dec 2014
Press release of CRIN's report on rights violations of unaccompanied children travelling between the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.
EGYPT: 600 minors locked up for months in unofficial police camp
news-archive19 Dec 2014
The children are being held on political charges in a detention centre of which Ministry of the Interior denies the existance of. Many in the facility are being denied required medical support for injuries and other conditions.
AUSTRALIA: Fresh hope for Baby Ferouz
news-archive18 Dec 2014
31 children born to asylum seeker parents have been given permission to remain in Australia in a "one-off" move that follows sweeping immigration reforms in the Senate.
PAKISTAN: Man tortured into manslaughter ‘confession’ at 15 years among those set for execution
news-archive18 Dec 2014
Shafqat Hussain, who was arrested in 2004 when he was 15 years old, is a torture victim convicted of involuntary manslaughter at just fifteen years old. He will be among the first prisoners to be hanged in Pakistan this week.

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