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ARGENTINA: Teenager who spent nine years locked in a garage rescued
news-archive17 Apr 2014
A 15-year-old girl has been rescued in Argentina after being nearly starved and beaten in a garage by an adoptive family for nine years.
SUDAN: 'They Just Stood Watching'
publications16 Apr 2014
After the Darfur genocide, the United Nations sent in 20,000 peacekeepers with a single mission -- to protect the region's civilians. A Foreign Policy investigation details why they failed, and what the U.N. knew about it.
SYRIA: UN rights chief condemns rampant use of torture by Syrian forces, opposition groups
news-archive15 Apr 2014
The United Nations human rights chief today condemned the rampant use of torture, including allegedly of children, in detention facilities across Syria by Government forces and some armed opposition groups.
UNITED KINGDOM: Children’s charity condemns High Court’s anonymity cut-off
news-archive14 Apr 2014
Children formerly involved in court proceedings may be named by the media once they are 18, the UK's High Court has ruled.

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BELGIUM: Parliament lifts age restrictions on euthanasia for terminally ill patients
13 Feb 2014
Belgium's Parliament has voted through an amendment to its 2002 euthanasia law extending the right to die to children who are incurably sick and suffering extreme pain. CRIN welcomes this ground-breaking move for children's rights. 
30 Aug 2013
Fighting for children's rights around the world.  
26 Aug 2013
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