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MEXICO: Hundreds of children found at vermin-infested shelter
news-archive22 Jul 2014
Children routinely subjected to physical, psychological and sexual abuse at "The Big Family" shelter and denied visits from their parents, say authorities.
SYRIA: Child marriage soars among Syrian refugees in Jordan
news-archive18 Jul 2014
Girls who have fled Syria's civil war are increasingly vulnerable to exploitation, domestic violence and poverty, warns the UN.
IRAN: Halt execution of juvenile offender, urges human rights group
news-archive16 Jul 2014
Amnesty International has urged Iran to halt the execution of a young man who was a child at the time of his alleged crime.
CANADA: School board drops abstinence-based sex ed after student complaint
news-archive15 Jul 2014
The complaint alleged that the school board's sex ed curriculum promoted Christian-based views and painted a skewed picture of contraception and STIs. 

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