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DISCRIMINATION: Schoolboy in New Zealand made to wash dishes for opting out of Religious Education class
news-archive23 Jul 2014
Incident has prompted the boy's mother to ask for a public review of religion in schools.
UGANDA: "Where Do You Want Us to Go?"
publications23 Jul 2014
This Human Rights Watch report documents human rights violations against street children in Uganda by police and local government officials, members of the community and older homeless children and adults.
SEXUAL ABUSE: Charity accused of failing to investigate historical child abuse claims
news-archive23 Jul 2014
A woman who complained sixteen years ago to the Salvation Army in England of being abused by charity personnel in the 1970s now wants an inquiry.
MEXICO: Hundreds of children found at vermin-infested shelter
news-archive22 Jul 2014
Children routinely subjected to physical, psychological and sexual abuse at "The Big Family" shelter and denied visits from their parents, say authorities.

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