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SOMALIA: Government ratifies UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
news-archive20 Jan 2015
Somalia's ratification of the UNCRC leaves the United States and South Sudan as the only States yet to ratify the treaty. 
NEW REPORT: Cruel, inhuman and degrading - ending corporal punishment in penal systems for children
publications19 Jan 2015
This report documents that 38 States, which include just under 40 per cent of the world’s children, have not fully prohibited the sentencing of children to corporal punishment by their courts and 67 States have not prohibited violent punishment of children in penal institutions. 
CANADA: Report on murdered and missing indigenous women in British Columbia
news-archive14 Jan 2015
Findings show that while indigenous women are significantly over-represented as victims, the police have failed to adequately prevent and protect indigenous women and girls from killings, disappearances and extreme forms of violence.
NIGERIA: Two suspected child suicide bombers attack market
news-archive12 Jan 2015
At least 20 people died in two attacks as violence in Nigeria continues. One of the attackers was believed to be 10 years old. 

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