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    IRELAND: UN human rights expert calls for national strategy to protect children from sexual violence. https://t.co/QPWyMSDbhY
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    NORWAY: Government to ban child marriage as it seeks to set a global example. https://t.co/ebFEZnIHQK
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The week in children's rights - 1583
what-we-do24 May 2018
The latest global news on children's rights, this week featuring sexual abuse in the Catholic church, minimum ages, education and violence against children.
Discussion paper: A Children’s Rights Approach to Assisted Reproduction
publications1 May 2018
This new paper explores three groups of assisted reproductive technologies, each of which has a bearing on the rights of children between birth and age 18.
REPORT: What Lies Beneath
publications14 Mar 2018
As NGOs, how often do we question whether what we’re doing is what we ought to be doing? In other words, is our work needed and necessary? Here are CRIN's thoughts on this question. 
The UN and humanitarian organisations are failing in their response to the sexual abuse of children
publications5 Mar 2018
CRIN has released a statement on the Annual Day on the Rights of the Child on "Protecting the rights of the child in humanitarian situations".

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