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ARMED CONFLICT: No place to hide for children of war in Gaza and Syria
news-archive30 Jul 2014
The conflicts in Syria and Gaza are having a a devastating impact on the lives of children. 
DCI-Palestine mourns the loss of Hashem Abu Maria, colleague and friend, killed by Israeli forces
news-archive28 Jul 2014
DCI-Palestine mourns the death of Hashem Khader killed by Israeli forces while peacefully participating in a solidarity march with Gaza.
INDIA: Child Rights Commission in the state of Goa tells school to re-admit HIV positive children
news-archive24 Jul 2014
The 13 HIV positive students admitted from nearby Goan orphanage were told to leave the school after protests from parents of other schoolchildren.
DISCRIMINATION: Schoolboy in New Zealand made to wash dishes for opting out of Religious Education class
news-archive23 Jul 2014
Incident has prompted the boy's mother to ask for a public review of religion in schools.

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