Terre des Hommes - Netherlands

TDH Netherlands is a member of the
International Federation of Terre Des
Hommes in Geneva , which links ten
national organisations in Europe and
one in Canada.
The Dutch organisation, which was established in 1965 , fully subscribes to the Charter of the International Federation, including the article not to interfere with and not to be influenced by political and religious motives. The objectives of TDH are to provide effective, rehabilitation and care for orphans and homeless children and medical treatment in developing countries. TDH mainly funds small scale projects in developing countries which strive to bring sustainable improvements in the local living conditions of children. Primary areas of work: Though local, non-governmental partners TDH provides funds for a wide variety of activities such as basic education programmes , primary health care, mother and child care, health/education/preventative health programmes, vocational training, income generating projects, feeding programmes for malnourished, shelter for homeless and abandoned children, special programmes for deprived/disabled children, assistance for children who are victims of war and violence, action against child labour and support for neglected children. Beside supporting projects in developing countries, TDH also works to raise awareness and change attitudes and behaviour among the Dutch public, with a view to improving the position of children in need. For instance information sessions are held to create public support for steps to combat violations of children's rights , such a child prostitution. In 1996 TDH launched its campaign "Stop Child Prostitution". There is a logical connection between it's campaigns, involving protection of the rights of children and the projects in the field. In any case the aid provided by TDH to children in developing countries is underpinned by campaigns designed to place children's rights in an international context.


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