Sotto: You are wildly wrong on criminalising children
25 Sep 2018 News
Vicente Sotto III has cited our research on the minimum age of criminal responsibility to support his reforms that would lower this age in his country, but allowing younger children to be held criminally responsible ignores evidence of what effectively reduces crime among children.
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Romania's referendum threatens children's rights
25 Sep 2018 News
A coalition of conservative and anti-LGBT hate groups are trying to use children’s rights as an excuse to redefine marriage in Romania, in a way which will inevitably run counter to children’s best interests  
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Nepal banned toxic children’s toys - is it now planning to bring them back?
18 Sep 2018 News
After an NGO helped convince the government to enact safety standards, Nepal‘s leaders are now planning to weaken regulations on how much toxic material is allowed in children’s toys. What caused this U-turn?
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Appointment of the next High Commissioner for Human Rights
23 Mar 2018 News
The appointment of the new United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, due to take place later this year, is a...
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JUVENILE JUSTICE: World Congress on Justice for Children
15 Jan 2018 News
The World Congress on Justice for Children will be held from 28-30 May 2018 and will focus on global trends in three important areas.
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DEPRIVATION OF LIBERTY: Launch of new campaign site
22 Nov 2017 News
As the UN’s Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty gets underway, CRIN is stepping up its work on children who are detained.
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International surrogacy arrangements and the drafting of 'Principles for a better protection of children’s rights'
10 Oct 2017 News
The International Social Service (ISS), together with a group of experts, are currently in the process of discussing the...
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GEORGIA: NGOs call for children's rights to be enshrined in new Constitution
23 Jun 2017 News
More than 40 civil society groups are calling on the Georgian government to write in explicit protections for children's rights in the country's new Constitution.
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ITALY: Abolishing youth courts would be 'a step in the wrong direction'
13 Jun 2017 News
Italy is considering abolishing its system of youth courts, but tens of thousands of people have urged them to reconsider. Learn more and sign their petition here.
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States must be held to account for violations of children's rights in conflict
2 Jun 2017 News
Open letter from 40 NGOs, including CRIN, on the UN's listing of States and Non-state actors which commit grave violations against children in conflict.
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DEPRIVATION OF LIBERTY: New resources and statistics
1 Mar 2017 News
New resources on children deprived of their liberty, including a compilation of statistics on children detained in the criminal justice system across almost 180 countries.
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AUSTRALIA: Extent of abuse in Catholic church in Australia revealed - 4,444 victims
6 Feb 2017 News
A royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse released damning statistics on the scale of the crisis within the Catholic Church.
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