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Sexual violence by peacekeepers
advocacy26 Aug 2016
After reports emerged in 2014 of the sexual abuse of children by French soldiers serving in the UN peacekeeping operation...
The week in children's rights - 1494
what-we-do24 Aug 2016
The latest global news on children's rights, with this week's coverage on armed conflict, civil and political rights, detention and violence.
CIVIL AND POLITICAL RIGHTS: CRIN's submission to the Forum on Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule Law
publications8 Aug 2016
CRIN's submission to the Forum on Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule Law, covering freedom of expression, freedom of...
How to occupy your school: a lesson from Brazil
publications3 Aug 2016
With Brazil suffering an economic slowdown and a major political crisis many public services have been hit with cuts to free up cash ahead of the Olympics. Students have occupied schools across the country to fight back.

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