CHILD LABOUR: Invitation to comment on paper

Above you will find the Working Document ''Child Labour and Corporate Social Responsibility - What should the European Union do?''. This paper is written on behalf of the campaign ''Stop Child labour - School is the best place to work''.

The authors are inviting you to comment on this Working Paper before the 2nd of June. They will then finalise and publish it on the World Day Against Child Labour on 12 June.

The paper will also be discussed on 13 May in Brussels with Members of the European Parliament, officials of the European Commission and other interested parties.

This Working Paper is a follow-up of ''Out of the work and Into School - Action Plan for Companies to Companies to Combat Child Labour'' which was launched in New Delhi last February at an international conference of child rights organisers and campaigners. See:  

The Action Plan will be available as a 32-page hard-copy full- colour brochure from next week onwards.




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