CHILD LABOUR: Child Labour, Trade Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility - What the European Union should do'

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Comments were invited on the draft version of this document some weeks ago, and the Stop Child Labour thank all those who contributed.

On 27 of May 2008 the Council of the European Union published its conclusions on the rights of the child in the EU's external action. In point 4 the Council focuses on a number of policies to fight all forms of child labour, including policies on CSR.

But the most remarkable is that the Council (representing the governments of the Member States) has also agreed for the first time to study trade related measures against child labour.

In this document, the authors have identified a number of possible measures regarding both trade relations and CSR which we will of course bring to the attention of the European Union.

As policies on the issue of child labour are now being further developed and shaped in the EU and its Member States (e.g. for the government of The Netherlands it is now a very high priority), the Campaign would continue to appreciate your additional ideas and suggestions for effective policies against child labour.

Visit the pdf of the published version of ''Out of the Work and Into School - Action Plan for Companies to Combat Child Labour'': 
The Campaign would be happy to send you one or more hard copies.




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