Latest research and analysis on children's rights issues

TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: Persisten violations of childrens rights
20 Apr 2017 Publication
Summary: The violations highlighted are those issues raised with the State by more than one international mechanism. This...
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TRINDAD and TOBAGO: Children's Rights in UN Treaty Body Reports
19 Apr 2017 Publication
Summary: This report extracts mentions of children's rights issues in the reports of all UN Treaty Bodies and their follow...
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ACCESS TO JUSTICE: CRIN's submission for the Special Rapporteur on slavery's thematic report
18 Apr 2017 Publication
CRIN's contribution for the Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery's upcoming report on access to justice.
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Tanzania: Children's Rights References in the Universal Periodic Review
11 Apr 2017 Publication
A compilation of extracts featuring child-rights issues from the reports submitted to the second Universal Periodic Review. There are extracts from the 'National Report', the 'Compilation of UN Information' and the 'Summary of Stakeholder's Information'. Also included is the final report and the list of accepted and rejected recommendations.
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WATER AND TOXICS: CRIN's submission to SR on water and sanitation
10 Apr 2017 Publication
CRIN's submission for the forthcoming report of the Special Rapporteur on water and sanitation. 
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DEATH PENALTY: Submission for the Secretary-General's report on the death penalty 2017
30 Mar 2017 Publication
CRIN is campaigning for the abolition of inhuman sentencing of children, defined to include the death penalty, corporal...
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NON-REFOULEMENT: CRIN's submission on CAT's Draft General Comment
30 Mar 2017 Publication
This submission provides comments on the draft General Comment of the Committee Against Torture on article 3 of the...
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PAKISTAN: UPR submission on inhuman sentencing of children
28 Mar 2017 Publication
Corporal punishment, life imprisonment and the death penalty are lawful sentences for offences committed by children in...
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GUATEMALA: Survivors of Hogar Seguro Virgen de la Asunción at risk
22 Mar 2017 Publication
Between March 7-11, 2017 investigators from Disability Rights International (DRI) visited Guatemala. DRI visited Hogar...
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Juvenile justice: CRIN's submission to the OHCHR on discrimination in the justice system
1 Mar 2017 Publication
CRIN's submission for the OHCHR report on non-discrimination and the administration of justice.
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