Leadership through Education and Action Foundation - LEAF Society

“LEAF Society will strive to achieve in creating equal opportunities to the marginalized & vulnerable communities & their children in bringing them together, increase their leadership potentials – realising their- economical, social & political rights and bringing positive & long-lasting changes in their lives”.
Our Principles:
We are on the path of reducing the incidence of poverty; bring about positive & long-lasting changes among our stakeholders, especially from poor SC & ST villages. We are promoting village level institutions which can bring a sustainable follow-up of all our interventions. We are ensuring that the local knowledge, wisdom of local communities are preserved and protected.

LEAF strategically aims to achieve sustainability in all initiatives by promoting local leadership, inculcating the values of ownership, sharing and mutual cooperation. We aim to attain that the participation by the stake holders will ensure maximum transparency and accountability in all our interventions.

We believe in promoting self sustainability & self reliance to ensure the dignified livelihoods of stake holders by promoting various innovative income generation programmes, creating employment avenues, opportunities and techniques.

Guiding principles:
We believe local knowledge is the best way to drive towards addressing their own issues and their participation will bring highest level of transparency and accountability.

We will try to bring the best professionals in to the development sector, to process, innovate and initiate various strategies for communities to alleviate poverty & suffering from human life.


Key information

Operation level:
Works with age groups:
Organisation type:
NGO - non governmental organisation


Organisation mandate

, Children 5 - 18

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