Jammu and Kashmir Child Rights Trust

To undertake multi-disciplinary research, training, advocacy, consultancy and policy analyses that promote the well being, rights, civic and social participation and the full development of children;
To promote child rights through research, training, advocacy, consultancy, publication, alliance and networking, community mobilization, development and participation and direct interventions by collaborating with relevant stakeholders;
To promote understanding of and respect for differences in cultural norms and values, priorities and challenges in every day life of children;
To demonstrate the potential of child research to those in a position to fund such research and make use of its findings;
To develop database and resources and communicate the realities of children's rights and lives to government and non-government stakeholder, local power structures, policy makers, to professionals working on children’s issues, other researchers, and to the public;
To build the profile of child research by demonstrating how research can contribute to better understanding of, and improvement in policies that impact directly on children’s rights and lives by collaborating actively with relevant key stakeholders;
To organise conferences, seminars, workshops, training, advocacy, talent search competitions and examinations, alliances and networking that facilitates dialogues between representatives from government and non-government stakeholders, academics and research, and policy and practice professions for promoting child rights;
To document and disseminate good practices of child rights based on research and disseminate information through publications, the media and the Internet;
To publish research journals, reports, books, newsletters, magazines, newspapers, and pamphlets for promotion and protection of child rights;
To build capacity of government and non-government stakeholders, and members of civil society and alliance and networks in the field of child rights and research including improved conceptualization of issues, methodology, dissemination, training, and management;
To assist the development and strengthening of child rights and research alliance groups and networks to help identify and promote child rights and research agenda on critical issues of significance in children's lives; and
To organize training for relevant government and non-government stakeholders and key child rights institutions and participants in child rights and research alliance groups and networks.


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, Children 0 - 18

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