Family Child Youth Non Profit Association

The association aims to support the protection of children and the strengthening of family ties.

The main activities of the Association are the following: child protection, social/legal assistance to children and families, research, capacity building activities/projects, human-and civil rights protection. We regularly produce  specialized books and we issue an Hungarian journal on family, child welfare and child protection.

The association has a mediation and legal office providing support to children, families and professionals working with them. Our capacity building activities, we organize mediation trainings for social workers and students, as well as trainings for adopting-and foster families such as the FIKSZ – ability development and decision preparatory program.

We provide opinions and comments on child related policies, e.g. the Hungarian Children Act, and currently we are actively involved in combating all forms of corporal punishment against children in school. We are fully involved in the long term anti-child poverty strategy with special attention paid on early childhood development and the implementation of the Sure start programme in the most deprived areas of Hungary.

In 2005, we submitted a shadow report on the implementation of the UNCRC in Hungary to the UN Committee on the Right of the Child  on behalf of Hungarian NGOs. Our Chair has been appointed as a member of the UNCRC Committee in March 2007.


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