China society for prevention of child abuse and neglect ,child abuse prevention and treatment center

Our vision is of a world in which all children grow and develop to their full potential both mentally and physically in a loving, happy and safe environment supported by the entire society.

Research and policy development:
To research key issues of child abuse and neglect in the new era; to identify prevention strategies, to provide sound advice and recommendations for government legislation and policies, and decision-making on prevention of child abuse.

Training and education:
To conduct education and training for government officials including the Women's Federation; professional staff such as pediatricians, lawyers, child workers and social workers; and health and community workers. The training will include seminars, training workshops, lectures and discussions to raise awareness and improve knowledge and skills to protect children from abuse and neglect.

To develop community education activities to empower children, guardians and all who work with children, to increase their awareness and improve their skills in safeguarding children's rights.

Treatment and services
To provide diagnosis and treatment for physically, emotional and sexually abused children. The Child Abuse Prevention & Treatment Center is equipped with a waiting room, treatment room, statistic room and training venue.

To provide diversified services, such as legal aid, medical treatment and psychological support for victims of child abuse and in doing so protect their rights according to the UN child rights convention.

To establish new treatment branches in other provinces of China and including local pediatricians, Women's Federation officials, lawyers, children's workers and social workers. Regular communication and exchange of ideas will be established among branches throughout the whole of China.




Key information

Operation level:
Works with age groups:
Organisation type:
NGO - non governmental organisation


Organisation mandate

, Children 0 - 18

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