Child Rights Trust

CRT aim to protect and promote all
the inherent and individual rights of
children through the training of
various target groups, the
preparation of action plans, filing
complaints and networking with
other NGO's in the region

Recent Events & Related News 

The consortium [KCRO] that was launched in 2008, with CRT  as the secretariat, has been very active with two special field studies followed by consultations, daily news digest, work with legislators, election advocacy, data compilations and presentations  for the Alternative CRC review, and other issues.

Some State Legislators have started a Forum for Children with CRT's support, and met twice after the initial briefing meeting.  An action plan has been drawn up to enhance child rights in the state. This initiative is now part of the KCRO venture.

CRT's activities continued to be focused upon child rights training of various durations and to different target groups; child-friendly gram panchayats [village councils]; contributions to the Citizens' CRC review voluntary working group and through drafts of sections of the report; support to sister organisations in the state and in other South Indian States on CRC and MDG reviews and acting as the Nodal organisation for Childline Bangalore. In addition, it ran a project in Bellary district on CRC clubs in selected schools.  

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NGO - non governmental organisation


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, Children 0 - 18

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