Bahrain Youth Society For Human Rights

The Bahrain Youth Society For Human Rights (BYSHR) is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization, founded in March 2005 with a group of young Bahraini, refused registration by the Development Ministry, but members continued to work in human rights.Vision:

Country protects human rights, justice, peace, democracy and freedom, and is free of human rights violations.

Mission Statement:

To encourage and support young people to learn about human rights and push them to participate actively in the protection of human rights cases, and the struggle to promote human rights among young people and in accordance with international standards.


1-definition constitutional principles, legislation and national laws and international human rights.
2-preparing studies and research related to human rights.
3-cooperation with human rights organizations in similar local and the international communities to implement the goals and objectives of the Organization.
4-address the responsible authorities to identify cases of human rights violations and report on what might happen violations.
5-promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms in society.



Key information

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, Children 16 - 18


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