United States

Located on the North American continent, in addition to several semi-autonomous territories around the world, the United States has land borders with Mexico and Canada. The president, elected every four years, is head of state and of government and has extensive powers, though these are checked by two houses of an elected legislature. While civil and political rights are generally good, major issues remain with the treatment of children in the justice system, the use of the death penalty in some federal states and major differences in outcomes and opportunities for citizens from different racial backgrounds.

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31579130070Population7549100016.733741556528Population under 1524520331954.353088036308Number of internet users
3 Human development index105 Happy planet ranking

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UNITED STATES: UPR submission on inhuman sentencing of children
1 Oct 2014
Our research indicates that people can be sentenced to life imprisonment and life imprisonment without the possibility of...
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