Located on the north-eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula, Kuwait borders Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Independent from the British since 1961, Kuwait is a constitutional monarchy, with the succession of emir and head of state being hereditary but subject to the approval of an elected parliament. While Kuwait has a relatively free press compared to the rest of the region, there is still little space for public criticism of the government or ruling family, alongside persistent issues of human trafficking, the treatment of foreign workers and the rights of women.

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289160070Population86300020.891547931941Population under 15196356547.534081477383Number of internet users
54 Human development index143 Happy planet ranking

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DEATH PENALTY: Submission for the Secretary-General's report on the death penalty 2017
30 Mar 2017
CRIN is campaigning for the abolition of inhuman sentencing of children, defined to include the death penalty, corporal...
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