State violence

What does 'radicalisation' mean for children’s rights in different regions?
23/Jan/2017 Publication
Here we look at how the term 'radicalisation' is used and what it means for children in the United Kingdom, Francophone countries, the Middle East and North Africa and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.  
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ARGENTINA: Juvenile life sentences breached human rights standards
11/Jan/2017 Publication
Five Argentinian children were sentenced to life in prison, suffering grievous ill-treatment and incarceration for years before their cases were heard by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.
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IRAN : pendaison d'un mineur délinquant au mépris du droit international
4/Aug/2016 News
Un adolescent a été exécuté en Iran après avoir été reconnu du viol d'un autre adolescent, première exécution confirmée d'un mineur délinquant dans le pays depuis le début de l’année. La Cour suprême a au départ annulé sa condamnation à mort, estimant que l’enquête était incomplète, mais l'a finalement confirmée en mars 2016.
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How to occupy your school: a lesson from Brazil
3/Aug/2016 Publication
With Brazil suffering an economic slowdown and a major political crisis many public services have been hit with cuts to free up cash ahead of the Olympics. Students have occupied schools across the country to fight back.
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NIGERIA : des enfants et des bébés meurent en détention
12/May/2016 News
Onze enfants âgés de moins de six ans, dont quatre bébés, comptent parmi les 149 personnes qui sont mortes cette année en détention dans ce pays.
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Discrimination and disenfranchisement: A global report on status offences
20/Apr/2016 Publication
Status offences criminalise actions for only certain groups of people, most commonly because of their religion, sexuality or age. This new CRIN report examines how these offences affect children and the new forms they are taking.
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VENEZUELA: Informe 2015 de CECODAP sobre violencia contra los niños "Somos Noticia"
18/Apr/2016 News
De acuerdo con el monitoreo realizado se incrementó 18% la violencia contra niños, niñas y adolescentes.
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MONGOLIA: State becomes 49th to ban all corporal punishment of children
18/Mar/2016 News
Mongolia bans corporal punishment of children in all settings, including the home, becoming the first State in East and Southeast Asia to achieve this reform.  
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ZIMBABWE: Inhuman Sentencing of Children
11/Mar/2016 Publication
The death penalty is explicitly prohibited for any offence committed by a person under the age of 18, but life...
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BANGLADESH: Mandatory death penalty declared void after 14-year legal battle
10/Mar/2016 Publication
Sentenced to death for a crime allegedly committed when he was just 14, a Bangladeshi boy’s case became the centre of a lengthy legal battle which ultimately led to mandatory executions being declared unconstitutional.
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