Grupo de Iniciativa Nacional por los Derechos del Nino

El Grupo de Iniciativa nacional por los derechos del Niño (GIN) is a national coordinator in Peru for non-governmental organizations that work in favour of the children, girls and teenagers. It was founded in 1992 and it consists of 35 institutions. It is a space opened for the coordination of all those institutions that have as purpose to defend the rights of the childhood and the adolescence.

1.Following the International Convention on the Right of the Child

Theorganizational and methodological efforts allow to evaluate time to time, from the local and regional authorities, the situation of the childhood and the adolescence in Peru and to formulate limits of policy in favourof children, girls and teenagers.

The accomplishment of regional and national meetings, and theelaboration and presentation of periodic reports on (UNO, OEA) are the principal activities of the line of follow-up. Thisis expressedin the participative process of elaboration of three Alternative Reports (1992, 1999 and 2005). The last Report promoted the active participation of the proper children, girls and teenagers.

2.Defence of the Laws of Childhood and Adolescence

Thisrefers tothe actionsofprotection, prevention and attention to the children, girls and teenagers who live in situation of risk or which rights have been damaged. The GIN reliedontheDepartment of protection of children and teenagers’ rightsfrom1995 until 2003 integratedby a multidisciplinary teaminthe areas legal, social and psychological, for the assistance of the infantile mistreatment, sexual abuse, exploitationinthe work, inobservant teenagers and breaches. Later the defenceis restricted to emblematic cases to promote the resolution of these and to demandtheimplementation of programsforprevention and psycho-socialattention,normative changes and to promotedenunciations, legal actionsand campaigns to protect the children, girls and teenagers in situation of risk, as thecases of teenagers accused ofterrorism, children exposed to mistreatments and sexual abuse and children in situation of abandon.

3. Impact and public voice

Theyare the actionsorientatedto offering information that generates current of opinion in favourof the rights of the children, girls and teenagers, as base of a conscious attitude of defenceand respect of the childhood. The GIN has realized thematic annual campaigns of awareness and diffusion directed mass media, authorities, schools, families and to the community, on topicsreferred to the good treatment,to the protection and children's attention with disability, to children and girls workers, onthe worst forms of child labour,on the situation of the children in handcrafted mining industry, on the investment in the infancy, etc.

4. Training

Theyare the educational efforts directed to promoting the commitment and the civil participation in the role of vigilance, promotion, prevention and attention of the rights of the childhood. The GIN elaborates materials of trainingand realizes workshops of training for promoters and defenders.

5.Coordination and cooperation.

Itis the work and the efforts orientatedinpropitiatingspaces of exchange, of dialog and joint actions betweenpublicand private institutions, with the purpose of formulating offers of policies and lawsfor the prevention, attention and protection to the children and hisfamilies.Expression of it is the integration to diverse instancesasthe National Conference on SocialDevelopment(CONADESin Spanish),MesadeConcertacióndeLuchaContralaPobreza-MCLCP(Table of Conciliation of Fight Against the Poverty), theNational Coordinator of Human rights (CNDDHH) and thematicTables on violence, child labour,defensorías(constitutional organism),sexual infantile exploitationandwholesale campaigns investment in the infancy. Nowadays the GIN has prioritized his participation in the Commission of Follow-up to the National Plan of ActionfortheInfancy and Adolescence (Plan2002-2010), the National Committee of Prevention and Eradication of the Childlabour(CPETIin Spanish),InterinstitutionalGroupagainstthe Violence, Campaign for Investment inThe First Infancy, GCAP Peru. ToLatin-American level the GIN it is a partofthe Latin-American and Caribbean Networkforthe Defencefor the Laws of the children, girls and teenagers (REDLAMYCin Spanish ),with headquarters in Montevideo. Likewise, the memberswereextended considerably managing to request theiradhesion about 40 institutions.

Grupo de Iniciativa Nacional por los Derecho del Nino Gin - PeruGIN



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