Young General Assembly Statement to the Special Session on Children

Summary: The Young General Assembly,
involving over one million young
people worldwide, recently held its
Annual Session in Swaziland. There
the young delegates from Young
General Assembly Member
Organisations prepared a statement
for the upcoming United Nations
Special Session of the General
Assembly on Children:

From: The Young General Assembly

To : The United Nations Special Session of the General
Assembly on Children 19th –21st September, 2001.

In the name of love, unity, and harmony, we, as global
representatives of young people, feel empowered to step
forward through the door opened for us by the 1989 Convention
on the Rights of the Child, the 1990 World Summit for Children,
the 1995 World Programme of Action for Youth to the Year 2000
and Beyond, the 1998 Braga Youth Action Plan, and the 1999
Hague Agenda for Peace and Justice for the 21st Century.

The Young General Assembly is uniting young people from all over
the world in responsible action to initiate practical activities
through identifying key priorities and through promoting youth
empowerment in decision-making and in solution-building.

We appreciate the efforts of the United Nations General Assembly
and that they want a better life and a better world for children.

In order to have a better future for all nations, irrespective of
beliefs or race, children must be the first priority. Children are the
future of all nations. Children are the eyes of the world. Yet, still
over one million children die every day, over ten million children
are being abused daily, and millions of children stay on the street
without having any food or education.

Children’s rights are being violated every day, and yet the
offenders continue to say, “Children are the future.” If we
children who are being abused every day are the future, then the
future of the world is not guaranteed or even assured in the
smallest way.

Why do people waste our precious future? Why do people
destroy our tomorrow?

We children have a longer future on earth than you adults. So,
please do not destroy our future.

We, the children of the world, are calling for a better future. We
need free education. We need the chance to develop our
potential. We need a peaceful world. We need for governments
to keep their promises.

Please work with us, the children, in partnership. Everyone will

Acknowledge a child with respect today.
Be a model a child can respect.


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