UNITED STATES: Mental Health Services for Justice-Involved Youth: A Process and Outcome Evaluation of QUEST Futures

Summary: QUEST Futures began operations in October 2008 as a demonstration project designed to meet the mental health needs of justice-involved youth in Queens, New York. The program was established by the Center for Court Innovation in collaboration with the New York City Office of the Criminal Justice Coordinator, the Queens Family Court, the New York City Departments of Probation and Health and Mental Hygiene, and other juvenile justice and mental health stakeholders.

Researchers from the Center for Court Innovation conducted an evaluation covering the
program’s planning process, which began in 2003, and its first 24 months of operations, from October 2008 through September 2010. The evaluation was designed to assess the planning process; describe key features of the program’s model; and present six in-depth case studies as well as quantitative data on participant characteristics and outcomes.

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