UNITED KINGDOM: Tackling child sexual exploitation: Helping local authorities to develop effective responses

Summary: This briefing outlines the elements of an effective local response to child sexual exploitation. It suggests how local authorities and other stakeholders can tackle this abuse, and the advantages of partnership working and information sharing. Areas will differ in their responses, but some components are central to any effective action.

This briefing consolidates guidance, legislation and good practice to show the key elements of a comprehensive local response:
- raising awareness
- understanding what is happening
- developing a strategic response
- supporting victims of exploitation
- facilitating policing and prosecutions

These are ongoing processes rather than one-off steps so they need to be monitored and revised against changing local needs if the response is to remain effective. In order to assist areas in establishing and maintaining action, Barnardo’s has developed a five-point progress checklist:

1. Are professionals in your area trained to spot the signs of child sexual exploitation?
2. Is a system in place to monitor the numbers at risk of child sexual exploitation?
3. Does your area have a strategy in place to tackle child sexual exploitation?
4. Is there a lead person with responsibility for coordinating a multiagency response?
5. Are children able to access specialist support for those at risk of sexual exploitation?

Further information:

pdf: http://www.local.gov.uk/c/document_library/get_file?uuid=9c0835b3-7f08-4...



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