UNITED KINGDOM: Equality Bill - House of Commons 2nd Reading

Please see the attached briefing from Young Equals for the Second Reading of the Equality Bill.

Young Equals is calling on the Government to:

* Remove the exclusion of under-18s from protection from unlawful age discrimination by people who supply services (including goods and facilities) or perform public functions

* Remove the exclusion of schools and children’s homes from the age element of the public sector equality duty

* Introduce a positive duty on public service providers to make reasonable adjustments for babies and young children travelling with parents and carers

Age discrimination against children is widespread, although it is often unrecognised. The Young Equals report "Making the case" highlights the systemic nature of age discrimination against children in both public and private spheres, including healthcare, child protection, access to justice, public leisure facilities, shops and restaurants, and public transport.


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pdf: http://www.crin.org/docs/Young_equals_bill_2.doc


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