Towards a Children’s Agenda for Europe and Central Asia

Summary: Towards a Future Children’s Agenda
for Europe and Central Asia was a
joint activity between Save the
Children UK, UNICEF and the
European Youth Centre Budapest, in
collaboration with the European
Youth Forum and Euronet. It was a
consultation of young people in
Europe and Central Asia in
preparation for the United Nations’
Special Session on Children.
This report fulfils several functions: it is not a political message in
itself but it is a record of the process by which young people's
views on their priorities for the next 10 years were agreed so
that they could be presented at the Intergovernmental
Conference on Children in Berlin in May 2001; it also reflects
some of the flavour and quality of the group experience given the
range of cultures and opportunities for interpersonal exchange; it
recognises the challenges faced in such events and records
lessons learnt to inform planning for any future event; and it
provides details of the educational content of the programme for
the EYCB’s reporting requirements.
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