Stepping Forward - Children and Young Peoples Participation in the Development Process

Publishers summary of the publication

Stepping Forward
Children and young people's participation in the development
Edited by Victoria Johnson, Edda Ivan-Smith, Gill Gordon, Pat
Pridmore and Patta Scoff with a preface by Judith Ennew and a
foreword by Robert Chambers

Children and young people have much to offer the community
they live in, but are often excluded in decisions and policies that
affect their development, as their own opinions are ignored or
overruled much of the time. Participatory approaches used in
development in the North and the South can provide the vehicle
needed to include children in the decision-making processes
which affect their communities and can have far reaching
implications for policies and practice.
Stepping Forward presents the key issues and challenges facing
those facilitating children's and young people's participation. The
book has evolved from an international workshop on children's
participation held by the Institute of Development Studies, The
Institute of Education and Save the Children UK in September
The contributors to this book have been drawn from this
international workshop. They come from a wide range of
backgrounds including NGOs in development, children's agencies,
academic institutions and governments and have utilized case
studies from the UK, Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean
and Central and North America, bringing a multi-disciplinary
approach and an international focus to children's participation.

Chapter 1 provides an overview to the main issues and concepts,
and Chapters 2 to 7 each expand on a particular theme, drawing
on case studies from specific countries. Finally, Chapter 8 looks at
future implications and the way forward. The main issues
discussed and analysed include:

the ethical dilemmas that face professionals in addressing
children's participation
the process and methods used in participatory research and
planning with children
children's participation in crisis situations
the inter-relationship between culture and children's participation
considerations for institutions
the key qualities of a participation programme for children and
young people's participation.

Stepping Forward will be essential reading for professionals,
agencies and institutions working with and for children, and in
development, as well as professionals involved in participatory
approaches. This title is published in Intermediate Technology
Publications Participation in Development series.

Owner: Victoria Johnson, Edda Ivan-Smith, Gill Gordon, Pat Pridmore and Patta Scott


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