THE RIGHT TO VOTE: Countries where under-18s can vote

Over 16:

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dominican Republic (married persons)
Germany (local elections only) 
Guernsey  (self-governing British Crown Dependency)
Hungary (married persons),
Isle of Man (self-governing British Crown Dependency)
Jersey (self-governing British Crown Dependency)
Malta (local elections only as of 2015)
Montenegro (if employed)
Philippines (for municipal elections and married persons)
Serbia (if employed; 18 otherwise)
Scotland (only for the Scottish independence referendum in 2014)
Slovenia (if employed; 18 otherwise)
Switzerland (local elections only). 

Over 17:

East Timor
North Korea
Israel (local elections only)
United States (for some primaries) 

Proposals to lower voting age: 

Norway: In 2007, the Norwegian Ombudsperson's office has argued for lowering the age of voting to 16 at local level. The government has established that municipalities can apply to join the project, with 126 out of 430 having applied so far. 

Malta: In 2013, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat hinted that the voting age (currently 16 for local elections only) could be lowered in the future even for general elections, European Parliament elections and referenda.

Iran: In 2007 the voting age was increased from 15 to 18. But in 2009 the Council of Ministers of Iran approved a decree to reduce the voting age once again to 15. It currently remains, however, at 18. 

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