MYANMAR/BURMA: Displaced Childhoods - Human Rights and International Crimes against Burma's Internally Displaced Children

"Displaced Childhoods" is the first comprehensive report of its kind to document the experiences of internally displaced children against the backdrop of Burma’s* obligations under domestic and international law.

For more than 40 years, Burma’s children have been scarred by death, destruction, loss and neglect at the hands of Burma’s military. They have been forced from their homes and villages, subjected to extreme human rights violations such as rape and forced labour, and left to fend for themselves in displacement settings without access to even the most basic care. It is estimated that there are more than one million displaced children inside Burma today.

This report:

  • Examines the reasons for and types of displacement faced by children in Burma.
  • Documents how childhood is often disrupted by violence, insecurity and poverty.
  • Concludes by presenting evidence of how Burma’s military government, the State Peace and Development Council, is flagrantly contravening its legal obligations under international law.
  • Calls for a formal investigation through a UN commission of enquiry to evaluate allegations of international crimes committed against the civilian population in Burma.

*Note: The name Burma is used by the author of the report. CRIN uses Myanmar in line with the UN's list of country names.

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