MEDIA: Another Perspective - How journalists can promote children's human rights and equality

The Children’s Rights Alliance for England has published "Another perspective, a guide to assist journalists in promoting children’s human rights and equality".

Endorsed by the National Union of Journalists and funded by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Another perspective looks at the powerful and far-reaching role journalists and editors can play in promoting children’s human rights, and in ensuring that children’s voices and experiences are fully reflected in the media.

Mike Lindsay, CRAE’s national co-ordinator, says:

"The media plays a very powerful role in the lives of all children and young people, shaping as it often does the views of society towards them. We hope that Another perspective will support journalists and editors to take on the challenge of children’s human rights and report confidently and in a balanced way on these stories in the mainstream media."

Another perspective also contains comments from former and current journalists Nick Clegg MP, Sally Keeble MP, Boris Johnson, and Polly Toynbee, and NGOs such as Stonewall, Liberty and Headliners, about the significant role journalists play in representing and shaping children and childhood. Young children’s rights activists also share their experiences of dealing with the media.

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