Lobbying Questionnaire

Summary: The aim of this questionnaire is to create a global mapping of/ guide to how lobbying works in every country in the world for children's rights advocates.
Please send the filled questionnaires to info@crin.org

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CRIN aims to support and stimulate advocacy at national level and share experiences among the child rights community so that we can be more efficient and better coordinated. But we cannot do this without the expertise of national organisations.

As we are not able to write guides on how to lobby governments for each country, we would like to invite you to help us in identifying how things work in your country.

With that in mind, we have drafted a short questionnaire we would like you to fill out. If guides to lobbying in you country exist, perhaps you could share these with us so we can make these available widely.

is a work in progress. Please send your questions or comments to info@crin.org ---


1. Which institution is responsible for making decisions about laws (parliament/congress/the national assembly)?

2. Which institution is responsible for making decisions about policies?

3. What is the formal procedure for changing a policy or a law (in terms of the enactment of policies/laws as well as the implementation and enforcement)?

4. Are you aware of any informal process for changing a policy or law?

5. Are there any groups besides official decision-makers who can influence the process of change?

6. Are there any existing government institutions with a mandate involving children's rights (e.g. a Human Rights committee inside the parliament, Child Rights Council, the Ministry of Social affairs or Ministry of Human Rights)?  

7. Are there any high-level supporters of children's rights in the government (e.g. ministers or officials) or in parliament/congress/the national assembly?

8. Is there an alliance of NGOs or other organisations involved in lobbying for children's rights? 

9. Are there any national human rights institutions/ombudspersons that specifically lobby for children's rights?

10. Are children/young peoples organisations involved in lobbying initiatives?

11. Do NGOs work together with academic or research institutions?

12. Do you have examples of successful or unsuccessful lobbying initiatives?

13. Is lobbying possible/allowed in you country? If it is possible, are there any particular challenges, including any related to cultural and traditional practices?

14. Is the media supportive of children's rights lobbying initiatives? Are they interested in children's rights issues in general?

15. Would you be willing to talk to us more about your experiences?

    pdf: http://www.crin.org/docs/Lobbying_questionnaire.doc


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