EUROPE: Measures of Deprivation of Liberty for young offenders

Summary: Full title: Measures of Deprivation of Liberty for young offenders: how to enrich International Standards in Juvenile Justice and promote alternatives to detention in Europe?

The International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO) is conceived as an inter-disciplinary system of information, communication, debates, analyses and proposals concerning different areas of juvenile justice in the world. In November 2010, the IJJO held the second meeting of the European Council of Juvenile Justice and its Academic Section (members of academia from the 27 Member States of the EU), took the decision to develop a Green Paper on the deprivation of liberty for young offenders and the promotion of alternatives to detention. The aims of this Green Paper are two-fold. First, it aims to summarise the international standards on the use of detention and its alternatives with a view to providing a baseline of information on international standards in these two related areas. Second, the Green Paper aims to examine, insofar as this is possible, the extent to which these standards are being implemented in the Member States of the European Union. In this regard, it presents an EU-wide snapshot of compliance with international standards in these areas, an important part of which is to identify what support or assistance the EU might provide to further their implementation. It then makes recommendations as to how the gap between the theory of the international standards and practice in Member States can be narrowed, including by activities of the European Commission itself.

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