Crossroads of Psychology and Law: Conference Report

Summary: This international conference was hosted by the Law Department of American University of Armenia, and co-sponsored by Penal Reform International, US State Department and UNICEF aimed to bring together scholars, practitioners, and post graduate students from disciplines such as psychology, law, education, sociology, etc. to discuss the interconnections of law, psychology and other social sciences in such areas as offender rehabilitation and juvenile justice, rule of law, judicial and penal reforms.

The objectives of the conference were:

  • To foster collaboration among academics from such disciplines as law, psychology, other social sciences and practitioners working in the fields of juvenile justice, offender rehabilitation, law reform, law-making and other areas;
  • To facilitate discussions between scholars and practitioners from abroad and Armenia;
  • To explore deviant behaviour from the perspectives of psychology, law and other related disciplines;
  • To discuss the current implementation of developmental and educational psychological knowledge into the legal system;
  • To promote international academic collaboration and encourage publications in international peer reviewed journals;
  • To help junior scholars and students to understand the process of submitting papers to international peer reviewed journals.

Further Information:

    Owner: American University of Armenia, Penal Reform International, U.S. Department of State, UNICEFpdf: conference report.pdf



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