CRIN SURVEY 2011: Response summary and guide to CRIN's services

Summary: The findings of CRIN's 2011 Users Survey, including requests on what CRIN should be paying more attention to and a guide to CRIN's existing work and future plans.

Since our last survey in 2007, CRIN has grown significantly, both in terms of developing existing services, and in taking on a greater advocacy role in the field of children's rights. This year's survey, therefore, presented a timely opportunity to ascertain CRIN users' views of our services and to receive input on areas in need of attention.

A total of 242 organisations completed the 2011 Survey, ranging from State Ministries, Ombudspersons, NGOs and academic / educational institutions. Respondents were asked to comment on all areas of CRIN's work and services.

In comparison to the 2007 survey, where requests for information sharing and networking activities featured prominently, along with information on thematic issues such as children and the business sector, this year's survey revealed an appetite for more information on good and bad practice, a more in depth analysis of child rights, further information on access to justice, legislation, and guidance on how to approach the advocacy process: all areas CRIN are currently prioritising.

The document above (see attachment) provides a brief summary of the responses received, together with an overview of CRIN's existing work and future plans in relation to requests regularly mentioned in the surveys.

A big thank you once again to all those who completed the survey.


The CRIN Team



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