CRIN Reviews

CRIN Reviews

The CRIN Review, formerly the CRIN Newsletter, is CRIN’s flagship hard-copy publication. The Review focuses on different thematic child rights issues, with articles written by child rights experts from around the world. 

The Review shares experiences, analysis and practical tools with 5,000 child rights professionals.

The Review is disseminated, in both hard copy and electronic format. It is available in English, French and Spanish, and some in Arabic. To get hold of hard copies, email:

CRIN welcomes writers' suggestions for features and encourages feedback.

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    Please note that these reports are hosted by CRIN as a resource for Child Rights campaigners, researchers and other interested parties. Unless otherwise stated, they are not the work of CRIN and their inclusion in our database does not necessarily signify endorsement or agreement with their content by CRIN.