The Help at Hand Toolkit is a web resource providing materials to:

increase the number of people who actively support a change in the law on smacking in the UK

  • reduce the incidence of physical punishment of children
  • reduce the number of people who find the physical punishment of children acceptable

It includes:

  • Resources
  • Activities
  • Info sheets
  • Links

Advocates can use this toolkit to contribute to bringing about an end to the physical punishment of children and towards creating a society where children are treated with dignity and respect.

The Help at Hand Handbook, a hard copy companion to the toolkit, is available as a download from the website, as Resource 50. Copies of the handbook, and postcards advertising the website, are also available from Children in Wales.

The Help at Hand Toolkit has been produced by 'Sdim Curo Plant! Children Are Unbeatable! in Wales. Sponsored by the Welsh Assembly Government.

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