World Organisation for Early Childhood Education

OMEP UK aims to promote for all
children, whatever their race, creed,
nationality and irrespective of
political opinion of the society of
which their family or their group is
part, optimum conditions for their
well being, development and
education and hence happiness.
The objective are:
To help undertakings which could
improve early childhood education
To be an advocate for young children
To undertake and publish research
and communicate the findings of
relevant international practice and
research to members
To provide a national and
international forum which will
promote excellence in all young
children's provision
To work for the recognition of the
importance of the early years of a
child's life in shaping its future and
the future of others
To emphasise the need for proper
investment in training and resources
for those working with and seeking
to improve Early Years provision and


Key information

Operation level:
Works with age groups:
Organisation type:
NGO - non governmental organisation


Organisation mandate

, Children 0 - 15

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