Teenager Charitable Organisation

"Teenager" Charitable Foundation,
registered by the Justice Bureau of
the Lugansk Region, Ukraine (Reg. N
74). The Foundation was established
in March 1997 as a non-state non-
profit making organisation.
We do work with orphans, children
with a special needs, those from
families having many children, under-
aged, using drugs aiming to help
them in surviving in the present
social-economic environment to make
them prepared to the active
participation in the development of
Ukraine as democratic legal state.
Our personnel consist of
professionals who work on a
voluntary basis and devoted
themselves to the rendering of
comprehensive support and care for
the child's rights. Basic tasks and
purposes are:

- Life-saving of concrete children's
- Child welfare,adding children to
healthy mode of living;
- Legal & general teenagers and
parents enlightenment;
- Social-legal protection and social
protection of the under-aged,
carrying out of social
- Rendering of the address help in
treatment, feeding and making
children healthier;
- Organization of free-of-charge
leisure at children's residence
- Struggling with negative
manifestations in a teenager's midst.


Key information

Operation level:
Works with age groups:
Organisation type:
NGO - non governmental organisation


Organisation mandate

, Children 5 - 18

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