SUKA Society (Suara Kanak-Kanak) Malaysia

SUKA Society is a registered children’s NGO set up to preserve the best interests of children. The organization is guided by the mission to ensure our children to have a regular childhood by allowing them to be heard; providing sustained services that will help nurture their growth and development; and working towards protecting their current and future well-being.
1. Advocate for the survival, protection, participation and development of all children at risk of abuse, neglect and abandonment by developing welfare and awareness projects and by engaging and partnering with relevant stakeholders;

2. Provide welfare and community development programs targeting children who are at risk and their families in the form of mentoring, counseling, intervention and therapeutic methods, assisting in building stronger family relationships and a supportive community network;

3. Promote the best interests of a child by conducting training programs among all who come in contact with children – whether directly or indirectly - in order to enhance greater knowledge, skills and understanding of issues related to children at risk and bring about a higher standard of practice in protection, care, welfare and development of these children.

4. Conduct credible research on issues related to children at risk in order to enhance the country’s knowledge and understanding of the plight of these children. The results obtained from the research will then be readily disseminated through our publication means for the purpose of developing good welfare and developmental programs that will promote the child’s best interests.
Persatuan Suara Kanak-Kanak (SUKA) Malaysia


Key information

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NGO - non governmental organisation


Organisation mandate

, Children 0 - 18

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