SKCV Children's Trust

SKCV's mission is to reach out to
homeless children to prvide a steady
and friendly future for street children
who have no otherform of support.
This is achieved through
comprehensive programmes which
include shelter, nutrition, skill
training, medical aid, education,
receration and counselling.

Our Aims and Objectives

  • To reach out to homeless street children without any form of support, utilizing the "CHILD" System, in order to understand and analyze their life situation, socio-economic, psychological and emotional needs.

  • To re-unite runaway children with their families wherever possible, and to help the family members understand their children better.

  • To provide opportunities for basic services, such as, education, nutrition, skill training, employment, recreation, counselling, etc., for the healthy growth and development of street and working children, especially younger ones.

  • To make street children aware of themselves and their problems, thus mobilizing their potential to help themselves.

  • To spread awareness and understanding among the general public about the problems of street children, and to prevent children running away from home.

  • To set up a network working towards a coordinated effort in working with street children.

  • To conduct research studies on street and working children for prevention purposes.

  • To instill in street children a sense of harmonious and socially integrated living, thus contributing, on a local level, to the global need for a cleaner, healthier and more peaceful planet, environment and future.

  • To give all children the chance to learn computer operation and mechanics to enable them to have a good job.


  • Prema Vihar Children's Village - 150 former street children permanently & voluntarily resident.

  • Santosh Bhavan - A Night Rescue semi-residential Centre for 150 children.

  • Bala-Prema - A Night Rescue and Day-care Centre for street girls. (60 girls)

  • Two Mobile Medical Rescue Units - Street Child Ambulances.

  • Three Ward - 22 Bed - Street Children's Hospital with in-house diagnostic facilities. (open 24hrs a day)


  • Vocational Training Workshops Complex - (46 children under training)

  • Non-Formal Literacy School Complex - (300 children in classes)

(already self-sufficient)

  • 16 milk cows, 12 buffaloes, 6 calves

  • 9 acres of agricultural land

  • Crops: rice, aubergine, chilly, okra, spinach, tomatoes, fodder for all animals.

  • Personal small land plots for all children to grow and sell vegetables/flowers. (pocket money source)


  • Computer Research and operations learning Centre run by, and training other, rehabilitated street children. (29 children)  



Key information

Operation level:
Works with age groups:
Organisation type:
NGO - non governmental organisation


Organisation mandate

, Children 0 - 18

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