Oz Child : Children Australia Inc

Oz child is national, NGO committed
to improving the quality of care, life
opportunities and status of all
children. Oz Child has been caring for
children at risk and in need since
1851 through its former agencies
Family Action, Family Focus and the
National children's Bureau. Oz Child
believes that every child deserves a
fair go.
Oz Child runs a number of
programmes and services, including:
International programme which
seeks to assist children and families
in developing countries who
experience hardship and difficulties,
particularly in the subcontinent of
Asia. Work is carried out through
local partner agencies to improve the
quality of like for children and families
in poor communities. Programmes
seek to address economic, social
cultural and political causes of
poverty and include: micro-entrprise
development, credit and savings
schemes, income generation, gender
training, advocacy, lobbying and
campaigning on child labour, sexual
exploitation of children, landmines
and advocacy of the UN Convention
on the Rights of the Child.

The education service involves
consultation, and direct work with
principals, teachers and parents to
identify and assist students
experiencing difficulties in learning,
behaviour, social and emotional
issues. The service also includes
consultancy with councils, schools
and teachers to improve their
understanding of strategic planning,
organisational development and
service delivery systems design.
Professional development support is
provided in leadership and
management, curriculum, welfare,
discipline and community
development. Learning centres have
been set up to help children with
learning and language difficulties.

The disability service - Links -
provides additional support for
Family Day Care Schemes and offer
training for staff and caregivers,
information and support for
placements, advice on suitable toys
and equipment, information about
other services.

The family and children's services
home based care project includes
out of home placement, family
therapy and family support and relies
on the work of trained volunteers.

The Oz Child Information Service is a
comprehensive, efficient and
personalised service designed to
meet the information needs of
human service professionals,
researchers and managers in the
field of child and family welfare.

The Oz Child legal service is an
advocate and legal representative
for children and young people.

OZ child's international program

Primary areas of work: Primary and
secondary education, intentional
development, juvenile justice,
welfare and foster care


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Organisation type:
NGO - non governmental organisation


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