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To protection children from abuse (see below). One Child operates Child AbuseWatch online network. Child AbuseWatch is a source of information for the public and professionals about child protection and abuse prevention. The data available is extensive. The network delivers essential prevention information and resources across worldwide in multiple languages.One Child International Inc., is an international child protection non-profit with offices in Fort Lauderdale, Dublin (Ireland), and Sydney (Australia).

Our mission is to protect children from abuse. We do this by providing child protection and abuse prevention information to as wide an audience as possible. We also do it by giving children a voice and by speaking out on their behalf.

Our rationale is simple; that an informed parent - and community - equals a protected child. Our method of delivery is through our child protection packet of printed brochures. We also deliver through our website where information can be viewed and downloaded for local printing.

Over a million copies of our materials have been distributed worldwide since June of 2010 in multiple languages. They have been distributed free of charge thanks to our benefactors and directors generosity.

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, Children 0 - 18

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