"Nucleus .... a new centre for young
people based on new ideas and
methods created by young people. A
friendly, relaxed environment
providing support on young people's
social and health issues. An
alternative venue with drug free
Aims 1. To promote the social and health needs of young adults in the Derry City Council arena on a holistic basis. 2. To popularise entertainment for young adults within a drug and alcohol free environment 3. To develop a base which contributes directly to young adults ability to assume control over their own lives Objectives 1. Maintain the primacy of youth in the development and mangement of the centre 2. Establish a user friendly drop in center for 16 year olds 3. Develop a viable entertainment venue 4. Formulates strategies for the advancement of young adults' interests 5. Ensure social accessibility for all users 6. Operate with a denied cross community remit 7. Relate directly to changing trends in youth culture 8. Promote holistic awareness amongst young adults around all health issues 9. Develop a rolling peer education training programme 10. Provide a family planning and information service for young people 11. Operate appropriate counselling services and telephone help line 12. Facilitate a referral service 13. Maintain an up to date information and resources bank on all relevant health and social development issues 14. Foster inter agency co operation through extensive networking 15. Acts as a compliment to the Youth service and other relevant statutory/voluntary agencies 16. Maximise the potential of the center in the context of drug/alcohol free environment ffaaffb5636c2b5802563310036370b/ 2873b5fa2c64ab97802566ef0058c97f ?OpenDocument

Key information

Operation level:
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NGO - non governmental organisation


Organisation mandate

, Children 16 - 18

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