Legal Aid and Consultancy Centre/ Children Justice Centre

LACC Children Justice Centre does
the following:

1. Free Legal Support and
Counselling: It provides free legal
counselling services to the exploited
children and helps them to claim
compensation from the courts or
other such institutions. LACC also
sues cases in the court and provides
legal support to the exploited
children should such a need arise.

2. Networking and Coordinating with
other Organisations: LACC networks
and coordinates with various
governmental and non-governmental
organisations working in the interest
of children, with a view to make
people aware of the plight of
destitute children and to ameliorate
their problems. Legal, social as well
as economic problems encountered
by the children can be effectively
dealt with if a common approach is
adopted by all.

3. Data Collection: LACC also collects
dara and information on the various
issues confronting the children
especially on legal matters. It is in
the process of creating a database
on child victims and their legal
remedial process.

4. Advocacy and Awareness: Despite
the existence of various laws on child
rights such as the Nepal Children Act
and ratification of a number of
international human rights
instruments by Nepal, child abuses,
child labour and child exploitation
continue to thrive. Such practices are
against the UN Convention on the
Rights of the Child ratified by Nepal
and incorporated into the Nepal
Children Act which curtail the rights
of the child. However, it continues to
prevail unnoticed in society. It is
difficult to set things to the right
track unless changes are effected in
the general perception of the people.
Therefore, LACC/ CJC also carries on
a simultaneous legal awareness
campaign against such evil practices
through publicity, media, discourses
and workshops.

Objectives of the LACC - Children
Justice Centre

- To provide free institutional legal
counselling and support to the
exploited children or those deprived
of their rights.
- To safeguard and to work for the
practical implementation of the
provisions of the Child Law and other
laws related to the child, the
Convention on the Rights of the
Child, International Labour
Organisation etc.
- To inform and sensitize the general
public, lawyers, law courts, police
administration and medical personnel
of the existence of child labour, child
exploitation and child abuse in Nepal
- To work hand in glove with the
governmental and non-governmental
organisations working in the interest
of the children to foster the rights of
the children and to promote their
interests. LACC/CJC


Key information

Operation level:
Works with age groups:
Organisation type:
NGO - non governmental organisation


Organisation mandate

, Children 5 - 18

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