Latigi Orphan Care Centre

To undertake programmes geared
towards children's welfare and socio-
economic emancipation within Gulu
District as a whole. To alleviate the
poor conditions of neglected children
and orphans in the district.





Latigi orphan care centre (LOCC) is a local NGO based in Gulu District. It was established in March 1999 basically in area of research and home visit. It was registered in December 5th, 2003, member of children right Information network (CRIN) UK ID1405 and a member of Gulu District NGO Forum and other District Offices like Community Development Service Department and other office of Chief Administrative office (CAO) and of recent a coalition member of World Women Summit Foundation(WWSF).

LOCC is networking with local Authority, stakeholders in various capacity and donor agency like Hope for African children Initiative (HACI), District official and other partners.

LOCC is a growing organization whose aims is to protect and develop the fundamental rights and lives of orphans and vulnerable children, undertakes programme geared towards children welfare and socio economic emancipation in GULU/AMURU district. Its non profit making humanitarian programme and technically formed to alleviate the poor condition in which the orphan and vulnerable children are neglected by their next of kins or relatives. It was formed as a charity organization to care and give hope to children of disadvantage circumstances.


To give hope for future.


To advocate and organize the welfare for the orphans and vulnerable children, people living with HIV/AIDS and their families to have better standard living in the society.


LOCC head office is located on PLOT 799 Ring road Tegwana Pece Division Gulu.


The Board of Directors comprise of opinion leaders whose duty is to oversee the organization and lobby for its funds and the management is compose of

Project Director

Centre Coordinator,

Centre Assistant

Project Evaluator
Volunteer Coordinator

Graphic Artist.



In Acholi land people have suffered abduction, displacement, aboundment, disable parent and HIV/AIDS, war and many other factors, have left orphans and vulnerable children behind to be catered by elder person and this have caused high risk of abuses, child labour, exploitation, prostitution, limited or no access to education , health and other essential services. The population of the children is 1,191,732 accounting to 57% of the population, 90% is still living in Acholi IDP camps though the decongestion is taking place. LOCC has registered over more than 1040 orphans and vulnerable children both in nursery, primary, secondary and institutionwho have not got support only 21 have been supported now.


-         To ensure that orphans, vulnerable children and families have access to basic needs or services.

-         To ensure that resources reached the beneficiaries on times and utilized.

-         Improving skills in identifying and managing generating activities for the community.

-         To create and maintain a support system that involved orphans and vulnerable children, families and institution sharing and learning from others.


Since the beginning of the project in Gulu District, LOCC has done many activities:-

-         Carried Child Need Assessment on 40 household on people living with HIV/AIDS in June/July 2003.

-         After registration on 5th December, 2003, LOCC trained women and men in business skills management on petty trade starting on February 2004 with 20 groups of people.

-         LOCC trained and generated 18 sub-projects for the community under the World Bank project on Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF) and are still pending for funds since August –December 2004.

-         Participated in Northern Uganda Peace Initiative (NUPI) with 8 caregivers in March 2005.

-         LOCC manage to raise some fund from Hope for Africa Children Initiative (HACI) to support 20 OVCs in education by paying school a fee, uniform, scholastic material and psychosocial training from March – December 2005 and this was for one year. The same year, we also have an on going bee-keeping project in Alero Sub County which is in Amuru District. LOCC trained 20 caregivers and equipped them with the facilities (61 bee-hives but we lack transport and have only three uniform which is not enough for implementation).

-         LOCC also manage to link 21 orphans in 2006 to Windle Trust Uganda for assistance in Education, though we have 1,049 more students who have register and need assistance.

-         LOCC continue to provide counseling services to orphans, vulnerable children and care takers and some people who are isolated.

-         LOCC in collaboration with World Women Summit Foundation (WWSF) organized World day for prevention of child abuse with other stake holders on the 19th November, 2006 and the event was supported by Save the children in Uganda Gulu branch, Laroo CCF, Comboni Samaritan, Anaka Foundation Gulu NGO Forum, Yakobo Joint, Education for Peace Prevention of Violence and HIV/AIDS (EPPOVHA), Mega FM, Choice FM and head teachers of various schools.

-         LOCC is networking with Layibi Youth Skill Training to ensure that dropout are kept busy but there limited tools for skill training.

-         Good networking relation with the local leaders, district official and other stakeholders.


-         LOCC is limited by funds.

-         The number of orphans and vulnerable children are over whelming and the registry indicates is over 1000 pending for assistance.

-         Lack of transport like motor vehicle for implementing the on going bee- keeping    project and motor cycles or bicycles hinders areas of operation for follow –up in time and we take long to follow our projects.

-         Lack of computers in the office to support documentation.

-         Understaffing due to salaries provision and most of our profession workers are hired when there is work in the organization.

-         Most of the orphans need psychosocial support and are physically stressed especially during school fees problems.


During Holidays orphans and vulnerable children are being counseled, absolve in songs, drama, football and netball; make fun, debate to make them forget about their stress and many psychosocial problems. We have even introduced a peace club which is led by student leaders and they do research.


-         Continue with psychosocial support for the OVCs,

-         Support for education,

-         Established a centre with all its facilities,

-         Have a honey processing plant,

-         Have a vocational school for the drop out in tailoring, bricklaying, Mechanics, carpentry and joinery.

In conclusion, if the unfunded challenges are funded, LOCC will be able to support more orphans, vulnerable children and care givers.






atigi Orphan care centre is NGO based in Gulu and Amuru.Registration number S.5914/4517. We have 2 .5 acres of land to develop as  hostel and vocational instutition for orphans.



Key information

Operation level:
Works with age groups:
Organisation type:
NGO - non governmental organisation


Organisation mandate

, Children 0 - 18

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