International Federation Terre des Hommes - International Secretariat

The mission of TDH is to act in favour
of the rights of the child and
sustainable human development
without any political, racial,
religious, cultural or gender
TDH supports development projects aiming at the improvement of living conditions of disadvantaged children, their family and their community. the convention on the rights of the Child is the conceptual frame guiding TDH activities. In their own country of location, the TDH movements raise funds to implement their aims. They work to inform and sensitise the public, including children and youth , on the rights of the child and on the causes of under development. They also try to mobilise political will in favour of children At international level, IFTDH works in collaboration with relevant UN departments and agencies to promote the rights of the child as well as conditions of sustainable human development. IFTDH works in collaboration with other NGOs having the similar aims. TDH stared in Switzerland in 1959 . the various national organisations united in 1966 to form the International Federation Terre des Hommes which is currently composed of nine national member organisations. IFTDH members support about 550 development projects. IFTDH focuses on health, education, child labour, child prostitution, children in armed conflict, community development and poverty. IFTDH


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, Children 0 - 18

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