International Federation of Educative Communities - Italy

The main objectives of FICE are to
promote the international exchange
of knowledge and experience in the
field of childcare
endeavour to improve extra-familial
represent institutions in which
children and adolescents live for
shorter or longer periods of time.
encourage the family as the original
encourage reform and development
in all types of childcare
Primary areas of work:


organizes congresses, seminars and
symposia which promote the
exchange of experience and the
further education of experts in the
childcare field

encourages and carries out scientific
studies and research

disseminates and publishes findings
mainly through FICE-press.

informs the general public and
political decision-makers of its work
and its findings

supports in the spirit of international
understanding and global solidarity
and within its means meetings and
exchanges of child care professionals
as well as children and young
people. Federation Internationale de Communautes EducativesFICE


Key information

Operation level:
Works with age groups:
Organisation type:
NGO - non governmental organisation


Organisation mandate

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