Hong Kong Family Welfare Society

The Hong Kong Family Welfare
Society believes in the nurturing
functions of the family, as a basic
unit to provide warmth, love, and
care to develop the potential of
individuals. The Society, mobilises
professional knowledge and
community resources, to strengthen
the coping mechanism of individuals
and enhance the problem-solving
ability of family.
The Society's mission is: With a family perspective, we are committed to delivering quality and professional social services to enhance the well- being of families and individuals in Hong Kong and to foster a caring community. Primary areas of work: HKFWS provides family life, education, counselling, foster care, clinical psychology, home help service, child minding, school social work, mental health services and advocacy for the rights of the child in Hong Kong. Family violence and single parent families are some of the specialist areas of practice. HKFWS


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NGO - non governmental organisation


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