Ethio Child Focused Association (ECFA)

Ethio Child Focused Association (ECFA) is a coalition of NGOs and GOs working in the field of Child Rights in Adama. Established in 2004, ECFA's initially spearhead in bringing child oriented organisations in Adama to pull resources together to celebrate Day of African Child in the city. After the first celebration of the African Child Day together, it was observed and agreed that the network could act as a collective voice and an alternative organ for monitoring the implementation of programmes on the rights of the child in Adama.
Among the many underlying factors for the establishment of the Network are fragmented efforts among child oriented organisation, limited capacity with less impact & uncertainty of sustainability by individual efforts, presence of common vision and related mission among the organisations, healthy work relationship among organisations, positive attitude and acceptance of the government and donors to enhance the role of networking, and realisation of Network's better capacity to mobilise private, community, NGO's and GO's resources for better impact. To date, ECFA incorporates a membership of 35 GOs and NGOs among which 10 are full members, the remaining are corporate members.
The Association put its base foundation aiming to see integrated efforts of Go, NGO's, & CBO's that effectively respond to the protection, rehabilitation and integration rights of children through a holistic manner of service delivery.

ECFA aspires to see Ethiopia in which children's rights to survival; participation, protection and development are respected by the society as described in the UNCRC, the African Charter on the Rights and well-being of children and other domestic laws and practices.

ECFA's mission is to facilitate for the respect of Children's Rights through establishing institutional linkage/ Networking, advocating, promoting knowledge and information sharing, among member organisations and child-focused actors.


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NGO - non governmental organisation


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, Children 0 - 18

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