Engelberg Center for Children and Youth

The objective of the Centre is to
promote the well being of Jewish and
Arab children and youth through a
program of research, dissemination
of information and knowledge,
consultation to policymakers and
program developers in the field, and
leadership development, with a
special commitment to the

The activities of the Centre are: 1) carrying out research to promote planning processes, evaluation and the development of ideas for better service systems, programs and polices 2) promoting the development and utilisation of information systems, with a special emphasis on interorganisational data; 3) Investing heavily in the dissemination of relevant knowledge to government policymakers, the political system, program mangers, field personnel, families and their children and the public at large; 4) Converting forums at various levels (families, practitioners, program managers, policymakers and researches) in order to promote a broader dialogue around critical issues related to the welfare of children, youth and their families; 5.) serving as a meeting ground for professionals working with children in the Arab and Jewish sectors to promote collaboration and exchanges of information and heighten sensitivity to the special needs of Arab children; 6) promoting interministerial and interorganisational co-operation in policymaking, planning and service development for children and youth; 7) assisting in the enhancement and development of educational and leadership training programmes; 8) serving as a major two-way bridge for mutually beneficial activities between the international community and Israel ffaaffb5636c2b5802563310036370b/ 4ae111dc559df1cb802566ce004cd89 c?OpenDocument


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NGO - non governmental organisation


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