Cumbernauld YMCA - YWCA

Cumbernauld YMCA - YWCA,
perceives childcare provision as an
important service to the community.
Therefore our Peace of Mind Project
is established to create a safe and
caring environment for children so
that parents may go to work with
peace of mind, knowing their children
are being well looked after.
Its accommodation provides a secure, caring and support environment for young homeless people preparing them towards an independent and productive lifestyle Cumbernauld YMCA - YWCA endeavours through its work in the community and with individuals to enable people, particularly the young, to develop as full participants in society by the provision of relevant services and programmes, paying particular attention to areas of need. It believes in equal opportunity for all and in the support of programmes which encourage the development of the whole person. They are an autonomous association, whose members make up the national and international councils. Primary areas of work: YMCA focuses on out of school care for children from 4.5 to 16 years, children at risk and vunerable , and homeless young people from 16 to 25 years. YMCA - YWCA


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