Council on Foreign Relations

The Council on Foreign Relations was
founded in 1921 by businessmen,
bankers, and lawyers determined to
keep the United States engaged in
the world.
Today, the Council is composed of
men and women from all walks of
international life and from all parts of
America, dedicated to the belief that
the nation's peace and prosperity
are firmly linked to that of the rest of
the world. From this flows the
Council's mission: to foster America's
understanding of other nations - -
their peoples, cultures, histories,
hopes, quarrels, and ambitions - -
and thus to serve our nation through
study and debate, private and public.
The Council is a national membership
organization and think tank with
headquarters in New York, offices in
Washington, D.C., and programs that
extend across the country. Its widely
respected and influential research
staff - - with backgrounds in
government and scholarship in
almost every international subject - -
regularly meets with Council
members and other leaders and
thinkers. These exclusive sessions,
known as study groups or
roundtables, form the Council's
intellectual core. The aim is to
provide insights into international
affairs and to develop new ideas for
U.S. foreign policy, particularly
national security and foreign
economic policy. Council Fellows
produce books, articles, manuscripts,
and op-ed pieces and regularly
contribute expert commentary on
television and radio.


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