Coalition Against the Linking of Children - Boys and Girls - and Youths to the Armed Conflict in Colombia

This coalition aims to prevent the
future involvement of any child or
young person in situations of armed
The Coalition against the linking of
children - boys and girls - and youths
to the armed conflict in Colombia is
an interinstitutional space, presently
made up by nine National and
international nongovernmental
organisations. We count on an
Operating Committee which functions
as dynamic power of our work, and
we keep on being committed to
trying to achieve the objective that
no minor under 18 years of age -
directly or indirectly - participates in
the armed conflict. For this, we
continue betting on public opinion's
awareness and information, through
various strategies, such as the
carrying out of workshops, survey,
the incidence of legislation and public
policies, the monitoring to the
putting into effect of the
recommendations given by the
United Nations International
Committee for Children's Rights, the
lobbying before State Institutions
and follow-up of the way in which
communication media present
information on our central work
subject: children and the armed

The purpose of the Coalition for next
semester, is to continue working
with those who - from regions in
Colombia - make their best efforts to
teach and share with the children -
boys and girls - and youths, a way to
face differences and solve difficulties
form the no violence position
towards respect for others and the
love for life.

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